Heaven on earth

Agaves, Aloes, Olives, Bouganvillea (white, pink and coral), Jacaranda, Hibiscus, Bamboo, assorted succulents, Yukka, Birds of Paradise and Geranium strive for ascendancy around the deep-blue crescent shaped pool. But the Carob, with its drooping seedpods stands head and shoulders above the rest. Frangipane, Zebrina, Tradescantia and Jasmine dot the eyes and cross the t’s.

The Carob appears welded to large chunks of rockslide – furtively covering a filled in cave that has secrets to tell of the Spanish Civil War.

The immense sky above is impartial as Kestrels, Eagles, Bee-Eaters, Golden Orioles soar and flit hither and thither. Swallows and Swifts swoop gloriously and skim the pool for wasps, bees and blue or red translucent dragonflies.

Apart from the usual sunbeds and parasols scattered around the pool there are two secluded sitting spots; one under the huge Carob, tinkling with wind chimes, and ours, the enchanting pergola nestled amongst Bamboo and assorted Bouganvillea.

Behind the pool, as the ground ascends past the numerous Olives the view is enriched by Pena de Hierro (the rock of iron) which many, many years ago jettisoned large boulders onto the world below.

I could mention the steep twisting drive up to the three rentals, the breathingtaking views and the elevated gardens. The delightful Casa Algarrobo, and the Casitas, Gorrion and Buho Real, but I won’t, I have said enough. Suffice to say La Calera is heaven on earth. Paradise.

Many thanks Terry and Steph for making it so.